The excursion will star in the morning from your hotel. The proposed departure time is 8:30, but this can be changed according to your desire.

Our first stop will be at the Minoan palace of Knossoswhich is located just outside Heraklion. The journey from Chania takes about 2 hours. Knossos is perhaps the most important archaeological site on Crete.

According to tradition,was the seat of King Minos and the capital of the state. The site of the palace of Knossos connected with thrilling legends of the Labyrinth with the Minotaur and Daedalus and Icarus.

After completed the tour of the αrchaeological site of Knossos, we will drive to the archaeological museum of Heraklion, which exhibits artifacts from Knossos and other famous archaeological places of Crete.

Around 15:30 we will start our return to Chania and to your hotel.

The tour guide will be with you throughout the entire tour.

(The times listed are approximate and may change upon request. An average duration of tour is about 8 hours)


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Τηλ: +30 6970012420
Καλύβες Αποκορώνου
Χανιά, Κρήτη


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