Samaria Gorge

We will start early in the morning from your hotel. The route to the gorge of Samariatakes about 1:30 hours and passes through the splendid Lefka Ori (White Mountains).

When we reach the plateau of Omalos (we must be there no later than 07:30), in height of 1250 meters and just 38km from Chania, where is the entrance to the gorge, you can enjoy a coffee or breakfast. Then you will start the enchanting hiking of approximately 11 miles (18 kilometers). The duration of thehiking, for an average person,is  from 6 to8 hours.


At the end of the journey you will reach the small port village of Agia Roumeli. There will be time for lunch or you can enjoya swim in the crystal clear fresh waters of the Libyan Sea.
Afterwards you will board to the ship which will take you to the Chora Sfakion, from where we will pick you up to return to your hotel.

The Samaria Gorge is open from the middle of spring until to mid-autumn.

For the entrance to the gorge of Samaria you need to pay the price of5 € (2014)

Similarly you have to pay the boat ticket(10 €) for transportingy ou to Chora Sfakion

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Καλύβες Αποκορώνου
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